France 2013 - 2 euro Pierre de Coubertin UNC
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    2 euro commemorative

    France 2013: Pierre de Coubertin

    150th birthday of Pierre de Coubertin

    On the right side of the coin, the design shows the portrait of Baron de Coubertin. On the left, circles are drown which contain sports people. In one of the rings, which probably represent the Olympic rings, there is the sign RF and the year 2013.

    Baron de Coubertin was born in 1863 in Paris. He was a French pedagogue, historian and sports official. He lived for sports and as from 1880, he worked very hard for the re-birth of the Olympic Games. He founded the International Olympic Comittee in 1894, and 2 years later, on April, 6 1896, the first Modern Olympic Games started in Athens. The rings, which have been the symbol of the Olympic Games since 1920, were disigned in 1913 by Baron de Coubertin himself. He died in 1937 in Genova. After his death, his heart was placed in a column in Olympia.

    The coin will be issued in 1.000.000 copies. There will be 10.000 coincards in BU and 10.000 BE coins as well.

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